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New Major Capabilities of the Website

· Broader Use License: We have greatly broadened our license so that profit making organizations as well as individuals and non profits, can now use up to 100 quotations in any single publication or website without asking any permissions or registeriing.


       Results Can Be Sorted

You can choose the sort order of the search results.

· More Author Graphics: Most of the quotations now have graphics of the quotation author (or the historical event) displaying with the quotation.

· Advanced Search Feature: We have added an very sophisticated advanced search capability. Not only can users search for Boolean Combinations of terms, but any of these can be restricted to specific fields such as author, quotation text, citation, concept etc.

· VComplete Hyperlinking: We also now have complete hyperlinking. When any quotation is displayed, the author and concept terms are now hyperlinked so that clicking on the author name will produce all other quotes by that author. Clicking on any concept term will provide all the other quotes dealing with that concept.

· Related Quotations Designated: We have, by request, added the capability of hyperlinking related quotations. If there are related quotations designated for any quotation, each of these can be clicked to display the related quote.

· New Window for Display: We had an overwhelming request to, when users display individual quotations from the list of found quotations, the quotations are each displayed in a separate window. This is now implemented.

· Comment & Discussion Capability Added: Many users wanted to be able to discuss individual quotations with other users and comment on the authenticity and other aspects of the quotation. Therefore we have added the ability for all registered users to add a comment on any quotation in the collection. All users, when they display the quotation will see how many comments have been contributed and allow users to view not only the quotation but all the comments if they wish.

· Form for Suggesting New Quotes: We have included a capacity for users to suggest new quotations that they believe should be in the collection.

· User Capability of Adding Concept Tags: Also, users can suggest additional concept terms for any quotation.

· User Accounts for Bookmarks and Subscriptions: Users can, if they wish, create their own account. This will enable them to have personal bookmarks to their favorite quotations or ones they are working on for research—ie compiling a bibliography. It also allows user to make the contributions and suggestions described above. In addition these users can subscribe to new content so that they will be informed via E-Mail whenever new quotations are added or old ones edited for say, Thomas Jefferson, or Barak Obama. Or new or edited quotes dealing with “nation building” or “corruption”.

· Social Media Capability: Users can e-mail any quotation that they find to a friend or colleague. They may also automatically add a quotation to their Facebook or other social media pages.